How to make an Interview – a Thriller.

There are two types of interviews. One which are given to become someone and second which given after one has become someone.

In the second type of interview, celebrities often respond with the following replies:

“Good Question.”

“We have to wait and watch.”

“It’s anybody’s guess you know.”

“Do you really think I will answer that one?”

“You are the first one ever to tell me that. “

“I love you for asking that.”

“No comments.”

But these replies can wreck havoc on the prospects of a candidate in a job or admission interview. I know nobody would give these replies, but just imagined a scenario.

Now let us look at these replies in the context of an interview.


Q. In what ways do you think you can be useful for us?

A. We have to wait and watch. Let’s hope for the best.


Q. What according to you is the possible fate of Obamacare?

A. It’s anybody’s guess you know.


Q. Tell us something about your weaknesses.

A. Do you really think I will answer that one?


Q. Why do seem to be so nervous?

A. You are the first one ever to tell me that.


Q. Why did you leave your last job?

A. No comments.


Q. Do you believe that honesty is the best policy?

A. Good Question.

interview1 interview2

After giving these answers in a formal interview, one will be selected if they are looking for a super adventurous person.

Thanks for your time. Your comments are welcome. 

Killing time is killing a dream!

It’s January again.  And I am filled with a sense of desperation as a mentor and trainer. In the just announced results for the Common Admission Test 2013, (entrance exam for the prestigious I.I.M’s), there are students who have justified their promise, performed outstandingly and surpassed the 99th percentile. At the same time there are students who have not performed according to their potential and promise.

Of course a below expectation performance in one exam is not the end of the road. But is there anything that these students could have done better? Or for that matter, could do better to ensure better outcomes in the future?

I have a simple message to repeat – Value Time!

If we kill someone, there will be blood, and cries. When we kill time, there is no blood, there are no cries. But when we kill time, there is something else which is being killed. It is our dream.

Whether we kill time or not depends on how much we love our dream. It also depends on whether we have a dream or not.

But if we don’t have a dream what is it we are living for. And if we do have a dream, how in the world can we afford to kill time…because time is the lifeblood of any dream.

Yes, time is the lifeblood of a dream. We have to pump this lifeblood into a dream to nourish it and transform it into reality.

And just as our body needs pure rather than impure blood and therefore purifies it constantly, this lifeblood of a dream also needs to be pure rather than impure.

lifeblood 1 lifeblood 2

What does this mean?

This means that even time being given to a dream can be impure or pure. It is possible to fill time with robotic activities which in the long run may not mean anything. Such time can be called “impure” time. Such time, just like deoxygenated blood, loses its vitality. But choosing some well planned and calibrated activities to fill the time and monitoring them for their effectiveness means purifying timethe lifeblood of a dream.

Let us pledge to nourish our dream with effective utilization of time.

May your noble dream be a reality!

Thanks for your time. Your feedback is precious.

Key to Happiness.

The world is after happiness. And we search for it in shopping, partying, clubs, relationships etc. Often every such attempt leaves us with a sense of emptiness and hollowness. Desperation to find happiness or to run away from emptiness, sometimes even leads to addiction to alcohol and drugs.

As long as we seek happiness outside ourselves, we will never find it. For happiness is not rooted in smiles, celebrations, etc. Happiness lies in the accepting the world as it is. The world is as it is because the creator wants it to be exactly like this. I am in the present state because the creator has brought me here with some purpose about which I may not have any clue.  Happiness is rooted in accepting this and then playing our role to the best of our ability.

The sense of losing control is the biggest source of unhappiness and stress. This sense is itself rooted in our desire to control.

I am not against the idea of controlling our efforts. We should try and put in the best possible efforts in the best possible way.

But we cannot completely control the outcome. We cannot control the behaviour of others when we sometimes fail to control even our own. We cannot control what people say about us. We cannot make them to be thankful to all the good that we have done to them.

But we do desire to control and also earnestly try to exercise control. Till the time we feel that we are successfully controlling we feel happiness. The moment we get a sense of losing control, we become unhappy. And with a growing sense of loss of control the unhappiness can grow into despair.

Only HE can control. But even He is not a control freak. HE has given us the freedom to choose how we spend our time: in putting in an honest effort or complaining about lack of control.

Let us try to take our mind off the desire to control everything and focus on doing what we can do best at the moment.

Putting an honest effort into what God has given us right now is the biggest reward in itself. And it sure is the key to happiness.

Happiness to all!

Should we blame racism for the state of education in India?

the opiniator

“Do you agree to these rankings of universities in which Indian universities are slipping? “, a bright, young colleague of mine asked.

“You might find my views on this topic somewhat shocking”, I hinted, “In fact you might even find them a bit tangential in the beginning.” I added

And the same views I am about to share in this post.

I said tangential because my views do not relate to the authenticity of the survey in question. Instead, they relate to whether any real difference exists in the quality of education in India viz-a-viz Europe or the US. And if it does, where are the reasons probably rooted? Has it got something to with races? Is racism a reality? Does it still exist?

We are seemingly as far as we could possibly be from the question my colleague asked.

Race is one of the most controversial and divisive words…

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Dragon's Loyalty Award

I will remember 2013 for entering this marvelous world of WordPress.. a world of kind, sensitive, ruminative and warm souls. It feels nice to earn encouragement from bloggers who are kind enough to read my posts.

I sincerely thank cupitonians for nominating me for The Dragon’s Loyalty Award. It’s a great honor for me. cupitonians has a great blog with insightful and riveting posts. Following are two of the many posts that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading:

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is an award for the loyal fan/commenter, whether the recipient is a fellow blogger or just someone who follows and comments regularly. –Vintage Book Fairy

The rules for Dragon’s Loyalty Award are:

1   Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.
2   Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and a link back.
3  You must share  7  things other bloggers may not know about you.
4   Nominate up to  15  bloggers for Dragon’s Loyalty Award, provide a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs.
5   Copy and paste the award somewhere on your blog.

7 things you may not know about me:

1) I am a fan of Amitabh Bachchan and Robert Downey Jr. 

amitabh robert

2) I have mild acrophobia (fear of heights) which adds to my thrill of Giant wheel and roller Coaster rides.
3) One of my favourite songs is Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Cars”
4) I adore Late Mohd Rafi.-  one of the greatest singers who have sung for Hindi Movies.
5) I lose track of time while playing the keyboard.
6) I love cricket and rate Sachin Tendulkar as the best batsman, Wasim Akram as the best bowler and Kapil Dev as the best all-rounder ever.
7) I love “Gajar Ka Halwa”. ( A North Indian delicacy made from carrot)

gajar ka halwa

I have also been nominated by cupitonians for “The Imagine award.”

What is The Imagine Award?

“The Imagine Award” is an award created by Jenn Mulherin (who is the writer of the blog “My Fibrotastic Life!”) in October of 2013. This award was made in order to recognize the bloggers who express their passion and dedication towards their blogs through their creativity.

The rules

1. Copy and paste the award to your post.
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5. Notify your nominees.
6. Copy and paste The Imagine Award to your blog page.

This award is special as gives me an opportunity to talk about the nominating blogger  – The three things that I admire about her are:

1) The posts are related to so diversified aspects of life that the reader identifies with them.

2) She has a knack of invoking humor in her posts that make them even more lively to read.

3) There is a sense of unbridled innocence that enhances the joy of reading.

I would like to nominate the following bloggers (in no particular order) for both the awards.

  1. Jody Dontje
  2. Rohidas Sanap
  3. heila2013
  4. Miss Lou
  5. Frank
  6. frizztext
  7. Die Trying
  8. Glorialana
  9. MsTranquility
  10. Ann Koplow
  11. Nancy Loderick
  12. uthamz
  13. Everyday Power
  14. dreamsdissolve

I once again thank cupitonians for encouraging me with this very kind gesture. I accept both the awards – The dragon’s Loyalty Award and The Imagine Award  with gratitude.