Should we blame racism for the state of education in India?

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“Do you agree to these rankings of universities in which Indian universities are slipping? “, a bright, young colleague of mine asked.

“You might find my views on this topic somewhat shocking”, I hinted, “In fact you might even find them a bit tangential in the beginning.” I added

And the same views I am about to share in this post.

I said tangential because my views do not relate to the authenticity of the survey in question. Instead, they relate to whether any real difference exists in the quality of education in India viz-a-viz Europe or the US. And if it does, where are the reasons probably rooted? Has it got something to with races? Is racism a reality? Does it still exist?

We are seemingly as far as we could possibly be from the question my colleague asked.

Race is one of the most controversial and divisive words…

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2 responses to “Should we blame racism for the state of education in India?”

  1. This is a question to you, is it racism, or are the problems due to the Cast System?

    1. Thanks for reading Ted. In India the main problem is lack of strong governance. This means that there have been no strong efforts towards making the education system truly research driven. There is no dearth of talent in any race or caste. But we have somehow failed to put a innovation driven education system in place. Regards. Rupesh

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