How to make an Interview – a Thriller.

There are two types of interviews. One which are given to become someone and second which given after one has become someone.

In the second type of interview, celebrities often respond with the following replies:

“Good Question.”

“We have to wait and watch.”

“It’s anybody’s guess you know.”

“Do you really think I will answer that one?”

“You are the first one ever to tell me that. “

“I love you for asking that.”

“No comments.”

But these replies can wreck havoc on the prospects of a candidate in a job or admission interview. I know nobody would give these replies, but just imagined a scenario.

Now let us look at these replies in the context of an interview.


Q. In what ways do you think you can be useful for us?

A. We have to wait and watch. Let’s hope for the best.


Q. What according to you is the possible fate of Obamacare?

A. It’s anybody’s guess you know.


Q. Tell us something about your weaknesses.

A. Do you really think I will answer that one?


Q. Why do seem to be so nervous?

A. You are the first one ever to tell me that.


Q. Why did you leave your last job?

A. No comments.


Q. Do you believe that honesty is the best policy?

A. Good Question.

interview1 interview2

After giving these answers in a formal interview, one will be selected if they are looking for a super adventurous person.

Thanks for your time. Your comments are welcome. 

2 responses to “How to make an Interview – a Thriller.”

  1. only TONY STARK (Robert Downey jr.) can do this…

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