Key to Happiness.

The world is after happiness. And we search for it in shopping, partying, clubs, relationships etc. Often every such attempt leaves us with a sense of emptiness and hollowness. Desperation to find happiness or to run away from emptiness, sometimes even leads to addiction to alcohol and drugs.

As long as we seek happiness outside ourselves, we will never find it. For happiness is not rooted in smiles, celebrations, etc. Happiness lies in the accepting the world as it is. The world is as it is because the creator wants it to be exactly like this. I am in the present state because the creator has brought me here with some purpose about which I may not have any clue.  Happiness is rooted in accepting this and then playing our role to the best of our ability.

The sense of losing control is the biggest source of unhappiness and stress. This sense is itself rooted in our desire to control.

I am not against the idea of controlling our efforts. We should try and put in the best possible efforts in the best possible way.

But we cannot completely control the outcome. We cannot control the behaviour of others when we sometimes fail to control even our own. We cannot control what people say about us. We cannot make them to be thankful to all the good that we have done to them.

But we do desire to control and also earnestly try to exercise control. Till the time we feel that we are successfully controlling we feel happiness. The moment we get a sense of losing control, we become unhappy. And with a growing sense of loss of control the unhappiness can grow into despair.

Only HE can control. But even He is not a control freak. HE has given us the freedom to choose how we spend our time: in putting in an honest effort or complaining about lack of control.

Let us try to take our mind off the desire to control everything and focus on doing what we can do best at the moment.

Putting an honest effort into what God has given us right now is the biggest reward in itself. And it sure is the key to happiness.

Happiness to all!