The Ideal Person!

The only ideal man / woman  in this world can be the one who has never been judged.  So, it’s pretty ironic that in our journey of life, we continue our search for the ideal person while being judgmental at every step.

2 responses to “The Ideal Person!”

  1. The Tantrik of Tamasya Avatar
    The Tantrik of Tamasya

    Hmmm.. Interesting point you made there! Defining a person as “Ideal” needs judgement. So, should the word really exist? What I fathom from this post is, a person can only be ideal if he/she is beyond comprehension or rather… beyond words could comprehend.
    If we can not put it in words, we cannot truly understand it, and hence, cannot be judgmental. The thought itself takes me different places.
    Finally, it amuses me how people label GOD and describe Him (as per their best understanding and rationale) when they’ve even stopped exploring themselves. This might seem off the topic but when I think upon it, it is deeper than expected.

    Thanks for sharing this genius thought 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. Your contemplation brings us on the same page again. It gives me sense of deep satisfaction to be read with so much interest. Thanks again. 🙂

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