Killing time is killing a dream!

It’s January again.  And I am filled with a sense of desperation as a mentor and trainer. In the just announced results for the Common Admission Test 2013, (entrance exam for the prestigious I.I.M’s), there are students who have justified their promise, performed outstandingly and surpassed the 99th percentile. At the same time there are students who have not performed according to their potential and promise.

Of course a below expectation performance in one exam is not the end of the road. But is there anything that these students could have done better? Or for that matter, could do better to ensure better outcomes in the future?

I have a simple message to repeat – Value Time!

If we kill someone, there will be blood, and cries. When we kill time, there is no blood, there are no cries. But when we kill time, there is something else which is being killed. It is our dream.

Whether we kill time or not depends on how much we love our dream. It also depends on whether we have a dream or not.

But if we don’t have a dream what is it we are living for. And if we do have a dream, how in the world can we afford to kill time…because time is the lifeblood of any dream.

Yes, time is the lifeblood of a dream. We have to pump this lifeblood into a dream to nourish it and transform it into reality.

And just as our body needs pure rather than impure blood and therefore purifies it constantly, this lifeblood of a dream also needs to be pure rather than impure.

lifeblood 1 lifeblood 2

What does this mean?

This means that even time being given to a dream can be impure or pure. It is possible to fill time with robotic activities which in the long run may not mean anything. Such time can be called “impure” time. Such time, just like deoxygenated blood, loses its vitality. But choosing some well planned and calibrated activities to fill the time and monitoring them for their effectiveness means purifying timethe lifeblood of a dream.

Let us pledge to nourish our dream with effective utilization of time.

May your noble dream be a reality!

Thanks for your time. Your feedback is precious.