27 years in prison: A Tribute to Nelson Mandela


27 years of embarrassment and persecution

Years that tested the human grit in an unprecedented way

Years when a human soul was longing for company

Years when apartheid tried to smother a spark of revolution

Years when that spark transformed into a raging fire

A fire that originated in a prison cell

But spread across the world

Years in which a human body was emaciated

But years in which a man’s stature grew taller and taller

Nelson Mandela was sent to the prison to learn a lesson:

‘Don’t mess with apartheid”

Nelson Mandela emerged from the prison to teach different lessons”:

“Humanity is much bigger than apartheid”

“No battle is too big for a great human soul”

“Color of skin cannot divide humanity”

Rest in Peace Nelson Mandela!

For you made the world a better place to live.


6 responses to “27 years in prison: A Tribute to Nelson Mandela”

  1. Great post that outlines the life and growth and remarkable change a great man made during his life.

    RIP Nelson Mandela.


    1. Thank you so much Lou for the generous words. True, he was a man who created ripples of historic dimension.

  2. vikash shahil bharti Avatar
    vikash shahil bharti

    ‘it is so easy to break down and destroy…
    the heroes are those who make peace and build..’ –
    Nelson mandela. RIP.

  3. he was not god, in one hand he was represented as a feminist but on the other hand he was a womenizer who used to abuse his wife, i don’t know why he was awarded BHARAT RATNA , he did nothing for us, yeah he did spent 27 years in jail but at the end it was him who got the presidency, and some people compare him with GANDHI, he was not at all non violent i heard his millitants launched a fierce violent attack against white mionority government for which he was punished, no guilty he’s not my hero

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