Happy New Year 2014

For every person who hurts you brutally, there are at least two people who care to do anything to soothe the pain. They are Mom and Dad. Let’s begin this New Year with a warmhearted gratitude for them and a pledge to be there for them. Always.

Wishing all my WordPress blogger friends a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2014.

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Whistle Blowing: Bravery or Folly! – Why do people choose to be whistle blowers or take corruption head on ?

Edward Snowden has become synonymous with “whistle blowing”. He brought to light the mind boggling level of snooping by the NSA. Today one thing is certain about his future – uncertainty.


Bradley Manning passed on classified information related to US military intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has been sentenced to 35 years in prison.

bradley manning

Back in India too there have been acts of whistle blowing in fact acts of taking corruption head on.

Satyendra Dubey was an IIT alumnus who was working for National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) where he came across blatant flouting of norms. He decided not to turn a blind eye and bring this to the cognizance of the higher authorities. He also wrote a letter to the Prime Minister seeking his intervention. He paid the price for his crusade with his life on Nov 27, 2003.

satyendra dubey

Shanmugam Manjunath was an IIM Lucknow alumnus who was working as Marketing Manager for Indian Oil Corporation where he found out about unfair practices including adulteration at a petrol station in Lakhimpur Kheri. He decided to seal the petrol station. He too paid the price with his life on Nov 19, 2005.

manjunath shanmugam

These instances are examples of great individual courage and selflessness driven by extremely high passion for setting things right. Unfortunately, the desired objective was almost completely missed.

I would like to acknowledge that there might be some acts of whistle blowing where the ensuing publicity is a strong motivator. But I believe that the above instances do not fall in this category.

But then why do people choose to be whistle blowers or take corruption head on? 

Do people become whistle blowers after they grossly underestimated the gravity of threat involved in whistle blowing? Or do they choose whistle blowing in a spirit of colliding head on with that threat? Or do they overestimate their own power and potential in the system?

These are the questions that puzzle the onlookers especially the ones who have a suppressed desire to raise voice against corruption.

I guess a whistle blower acts on a premise of hope that the good work started by him by bringing the wrong doings to light will be taken up by the people who wish to correct the system but are not brave enough to take the first step. He trusts the system at least for anonymity or confidentiality. He acts on a hope that his effort and sacrifice will not go in vain.

If my above guess is correct then the act of whistle blowing is a courageous act of folly.

The folly is fighting for the people who don’t deserve such a fight. The folly is expecting support from the people who love status quo so much that no act of sacrifice can diminish that love. The folly is pinning hope to wake up from slumber the people who are dead from within.

Of course I am talking about people like me. I can write and express my desire to fight the system but when a Satyendra Dubey calls me for support I may chicken out. My strongest defence would be the safety of my family because my world begins and ends with my family.

Fear is contagious. It needs a trigger and then it transforms into panic. But even courage is contagious. It just needs a spark to galvanise a helpless crowd into an army.

May be a whistle blower overestimates the power of his spark.

The world strongly gripped in the shadow of fear shrugs and moves on. The echo of the whistle dies down.

Thanks for your time. Your comments are extremely valuable.

The Roadmap to Success

Wake up from the sleep of ignorance.

Don’t cry over whatever you might have missed.

Set a goal for yourself

Set your sight on that goal

Don’t let anything distract you

Start moving towards your goal

Don’t stop till you accomplish

Rise whenever you fall at a hurdle

Don’t let the fall shake your conviction

Set your sight on that goal again

Start moving towards your goal

Don’t stop till you accomplish

Accomplishment is not the end.

Set another goal for yourself

Set your sight on that goal

Don’t let anything distract you

Start moving towards your goal

Don’t stop till you accomplish

80/20 Rule: A key to Success


There are very high chances that you are already aware about this very famous principle also known as the Pareto principle.

According to this rule 80 percent of the results stem from 20 percent of all the efforts put into achieving those results.


For example:

Students cover 80 percent of the syllabus in the last 20 percent of the academic year.

80 percent of the total sales target of a company is achieved by 20 percent of its sales workforce.

80 percent revenues of a company come from 20 percent of its product range.

80 percent of wealth is with the 20 percent rich people.

So what’s a big deal in it?

The point at the individual level is that most of us owe 80 percent of our academic and professional success to just 20 percent tasks that we perform and in the 20 percent time that we spend.

80-20 2

We need to identify those 80 percent tasks that are less productive or totally unproductive and replace them with those 20 percent tasks that are really giving us the desired results.


The key is monitoring. This is the hall mark of the achievers. The achievers are not the ones who are outstandingly intelligent.  But they are the ones who are extremely efficient in monitoring how they are spending their time.

For example there might be a person who spends one hour daily on reading a newspaper supposedly to improve his verbal skills. He is content in spending this hour because it gives him some kind of satisfaction. But he rarely or never asks “what did I learn in this one hour?” Suppose he learns almost nothing worthwhile, he is wasting 30 hrs of his precious time over a month.

Zooming in to this one hour spent on newspaper reading it is quite possible that he might be spending 10-15 minutes very efficiently on reading a particular article. But even that is lost in the overall effort.

Thus even if he spends 10 -15 minutes on newspaper reading with proper monitoring and analysis, he might gain more than what he gained from one hour of effort.

I am not saying that time wastage and redundancy of efforts can be eliminated. What I am suggesting is it can be minimised by vigilance and this can bring drastic changes in performance.

We only have 24 hours in a day. If we want to improve production, it can only be by improving productivity.

Let us understand and challenge the 80-20 rule. Just like champions do.

Thanks for your time. Hope this helps. Your feedback is extremely valuable.

The 7 ways I look at the world.

Once upon a time I started going to school. I still remember the feeling was an inexplicable mix of awe, keenness, anxiety, amusement, smiles and tears.

Then I grew up. I “became” an adult who know things. Or so I thought…before stumbling upon my desire to express my opinions and feelings. And I entered the world of blogging – a beautiful world inhabited by great minds full of ideas, positivity and compassion. And here I am again experiencing another inexplicable mix of awe, keenness, anxiety, amusement, smiles and tears.

Even as I am still clumsily posting ideas and wondering whether I make sense, a kind soul Glorialana has nominated my for The Versatile Blogger Award. I thank you Glorialana for this very kind gesture and filling me with a feeling that I belong here.




1.Thank the person who gave you this award. Done.
2.Include a link to their blog. Done.
3.Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. Done.
4.Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award. Done
5.Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself. Done.

So I guess it’s time to talk a bit about the 7 ways I look at the world.

  • I love kids. That may be because I love innocence which I define as courage to be real. And I also love meeting the kid in adults…the kid suppressed by maturity, ambition and lust…the kid that rarely manages to break loose.
  • I love watching thrillers and Sci fis …may be because I love a world of possibilities and the desire to stretch the limits.
  • I sometimes feel helpless because I believe that there is enough money in my country to ensure everyone here has food and shelter. I also believe if given a chance I can run the country.  🙂 I wish I were the PM of India. If wishes were horses….!
  • I love music. Music is my bridge to God. Music has the power to transport me to a world where I am oh-so- close to God. Music has the power to unwind me and recharge me with life. Playing musical instruments like the keyboard and the flute soothes my like nothing else.
  • I believe Love is the most hyped and the least understood emotion and this is one of the reasons behind lot of miseries of mankind especially in the modern times.
  • I believe that technology has on one hand made life simpler and better but at the same time it has made life dull and boring thereby pushing the youth towards the bizarre. No technology can diminish the importance of the human touch and we must not lose it to technology.
  • I believe an individual is only as strong as his/her family and friends. Family and friends are the true sources of strength and we should always respect them.

Hope my fellow bloggers are comfortable with my world view.

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I feel grateful and greatly honoured in accepting The Versatile Blogger Award. And I sincerely hope that my thoughts make you happy the way your thoughts edify me.

Today I will win!

Today I will win


Today I will beat the fear of loss.

And make honest effort my only boss


Today I will beat the fear of pain

And stop avoiding it in vain


Today I will shed my love for rest

And leave the easiest to move for the best


Today I will not seek shortcuts

And break the shackles of ifs and buts


I am getting this message from deep within

Today I will win, Yes, today I will win.