Ocean of Greatness

I am yet to know a person in whom I have not seen shades of greatness. Greatness in its variety : commitment, innovation, philanthropy, belief, trust etc. Family, friends, seniors, colleagues, students have inspired me day in and day out. There have been instances where even a sweeper, a porter, rickshaw puller etc. have unexpectedly impressed me.


The reason this world moves on with all its glory is this ocean of greatness. We don’t waste any opportunity to criticize the moral degradation of humanity. Also our yardstick of greatness is highly adaptable and inexplicable. In the process we deprive ourselves of celebrating this widespread greatness that by and large still overpowers the usual human frailties.

When almost all of us believe that we are born to great parents, aren’t we living in an ocean of greatness!

Come! Let us look around with a new perspective and thank the almighty for blessing us with so many great people. Let us reach out and be a part of it.

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