Thousands of words have been written about him and thousands more will be written. So much you have said, heard and read about him, still you have stopped to read this. Just as the Master Blaster remains tireless scoring runs we remain tireless being overwhelmed by his achievements.

Age is catching up. Young blood is waiting for the slot. So the time to hang up the boots has arrived. But a strong desire to carry on is still there on his face as unmistakable as a kids yearning for another ice-cream.


I am just one of his millions of admirers. Here is my tribute in form of two figures of speech viz. personification and oxymoron.

A) PERSONIFICATION (A figure of speech in which inanimate objects or abstractions are endowed with human qualities or are represented as possessing human form)

Following sentences with personification are my appreciation for Sachin.

1) Determination, when asked to choose another name for himself, chose to be called “Sachin”.

2) Fitness has ended many a career, but it has not deserted Sachin just to watch him play.

3) Records love to visit Sachin again and again.

4) His bat has eloquently silenced the harshest critics.

5) Humility loves to take lessons from Sachin. 

6) Charm is a  blind follower of Sachin’s smile.

B) OXYMORON (a figure of speech that uses seeming contradictions)

Sachin is an amazing combination of qualities that are rare to be found in one individual. This allows me to think of the following oxymoron expressions.  Sachin is :

1) A Polite Aggressor!

2) A 40 year teenager!

3) A Fire that soothes!

4) A leader who follows!

5) A monk with a Ferrari !!!

We love you Sachin and thank you for giving so many proud moments of glory. We are now eager to find out what avatar you take to further nourish Indian cricket.

Hats off to you great man!