Should Rahul Gandhi be the next PM of INDIA. (Discussion Transcript)

This was the topic of discussion on the page : Following is the transcript of the discussion.

Abhinav Mohan A straight NO! Inexperienced, incompetent, novice in politics, does nothing except speking, a childish approach, irresponsible in the usage of words. He is a model material not PM.

The Opiniator (in repy to) Abhinav Mohan Then how come the oldest and the best organised political outfit INC is projecting him as the PM candidate?

Siddharth Tiwari the problem with rahul gandhi is that he has been only projecting himself on grounds of representing youth. His take on rather complex and essential subjects like economy and national security is not very clear.. Moreover he is representing a party which is under shady clouds of criticism. the only prime ministerial candidate of 2014 polls who is able to convince the nation to resurrect the depreciating economy will have the better chances to secure majority in lok sabha.

Siddharth Tiwari Sanchit Gahlot being the India’s first family, Gandhi family has always dominated and ruled at the helm. there’s is no doubt that over the years they have developed favoritism among indian masses.having said that when the question comes, does Rahul Gandhi deserve to win 2014 polls then I distinctly stand against it. even the majority now clearly realizes that a party which itself does not follow democracy while nomination of prime ministerial candidate then how are they supposed to ensure to maintain democracy across diverse segments of our nation.. w. Even the layman can clearly see how their so called ‘favorites’ deceived them.

congress’s desperate attempts to please masses through useless and meaningless food security bill has clearly spread the word among the masses that how scared are gandhis to lose their 60 years of dominance. constitution already has schemes and measures for poverty struck crowd but the loop holes in service deliveries and front-line government have been the only reason of they being unsuccessful. this depicts the old school politics based on concept of luring. But they must realize generation has become smarter.aggression in masses against congress is beyond imaginable.

Though I am not fond of BJP either but surely I am impressed with them as Narendra modi had to prove his grounds to be BJP’s face in 2014 polls. Looking over BJP. It is well known that Vajpayee by far was the best prime minister in past two decades. his government proved to be much more effective in raising the infrastructural quotient of the nation. he connected villages to cities. So BJP does has grounds to fetch majority. positive with Modi is that he has evidences of development on his side. He promoted shrinking PSUs in Gujarat and not only stabilized them but brought them into profit making. Business community knows how favorable it will be for them to business under modi governance. the one thing which will be good to watch is how he over shadows communist issue that still gives him sleepless nights.

Good thing about this election is that we will get to know what India prefers, deserving practical candidate( read modi) or the one building on the names of forefathers and the title”Gandhi”( read rahul).

Abhinav Mohan Why do we have to consider RG to lead a party? Are we compelled to elect congress again? NM and RG are two different personalities and two different mindsets. RG is more of a foreigner who doesn’t know much about India and its needs. To lead a party and to lead a nation (a big one like India) are not the same things. You can not say that something is done in some way in some country so it will do the needful for India as well. RG isn’t the guy who has seen the real condition of India, he is like a tourist who often get attached to the poor and hungry people of India and show their sentiments. But most of the time it is temporary. He treats every problem like a cake walk, but this is not the right way to understand the seriousness of the problem. Considering his educational background, his opinions, remarks and statements do not justify his certificates. This is not America or Italy, this is India. And if he wants to follow other countries then why he wears “kurta”. He should be comfortable enough to wear suits and casuals during campaigns. If he wants to revolutionize indian politics then why is he sticking to the old methods? In my opinion, I don’t know whether he is the best person to lead congress or not, but one thing I know for sure, that Neither HE nor Congress are the best leader of India.

Abhishek Awasthi Never! he don’t deserve to be a PM.., He his not able to express his own ideas and even he emulate the stage presence of some of the big names..!! So I Support Narendra Modi  for PM..

The Opiniator (in reply to ) Siddharth TiwariAbhinav Mohan i think the answer to this question depends less on how good is NM and more on who instead of RG seems strong enough to lead the congress. Are we underestimating the potential of a person who is above the power games within the congress?

Nawab Vaibhav Tiwari a big no. he is incapable to handle to handle this post. he is just like a robot which is controlled by his mother soniya gandhi. in inc no one is capable to handle this post because every person is controlled by UPA chairperson sonia gandhi.

The Opiniator (in reply to) Nawab Vaibhav Tiwari But so is Mr. Singh and he is a PM.

The Opiniator (in reply to) Siddharth Tiwari U have a point. But with very few people who can understand economy and a majority voting in response to populist schemes, congress has a decent chance and Rahul Gandhi has the virtue of being their UNDISPUTED leader with even big stalwarts behind him.

Abhinav Mohan This is the biggest question of India. We vote for no valid reason. Giving away schemes and freebies wins the Indian hearts. Rahul Gandhi travelled through villages and rural parts of India, but what for??? Did he actually do something? No, he just gained the publicity which every politician needs. Narendra Modi, on the other hand, made Gujrat a better place to live. He never complains, but he tries to make things better. Rahul gandhi, instead complains, complains and only complains, like a child.

Abhinav Mohan Oldest doesn’t mean the best always. If the party is so organised then how come Rahul Gandhi ends up speaking against the leaders of his own party. Don’t they communicate before giving any statements in public? This is not the sign of an organised party. :

Rahul’s remarks “ Hindus could pose a “bigger threat” to democratic countries than the Jihadi terrorist group Lashker-e-Toiba, Taliban or al-Queada”.

Rahul’s statements reflect a sick mindset and is part of a long standing tradition from Nehru onwards of blaming things for almost everything that goes wrong in India.

Rahul has given one face-to-face on-record interview in 2005. He said he could have been prime minister at 25 if he wanted. ….. Really so?????

A Congressman was asked why the party wasn’t bringing forward the smarter sibling, Priyanka??? “Then what will happen to Rahul ji?” he asked.

Faiz Syed The question should be “why should rahul gandhi be the Prime Minister of India ?”. It’s inevitable that Congress will comeback to power (they have a good chance even this time) and when they’ll be back, the “YUVRAJ” will definitely be the prime minister. He shouldn’t though, he hasn’t done anything other than losing elections in which he campaigned. There are so many others more deserving candidates in the Congress itself.

Abhinav Mohan Economy of India has always been put to test by Congress. I can’t figure out why it has always been so, that whenever congress came into power inflation rates start to imitate a rocket’s speed? 

Rs.1.86 lakh crore coal scam, 2012
Rs 1.76 lakh crore 2G Scam, 2009
Rs 3,600 crore Chopper Scam, 2012
2.2 Billion Dollar Swiss Bank statistics of 2010 maintained by Indian congress leaders.
That is a small part that came into knowledge.

Siddharth Tiwari actually this is one side of the story. BJP also isnt clean on corruption. read the famous tahelka outbreak on BJPs government. No government on any part of the world can boast of clean corruption free governance, not even the US. The thing is when sprinkling water on plants few drops are bound to fall on grounds. what matters is how much reaches the plant. crisis emerges when drops fallen on grounds become higher than reaching plants.


One response to “Should Rahul Gandhi be the next PM of INDIA. (Discussion Transcript)”

  1. The people who put there opinion about RG, I want to ask them do u all live with him??
    obviously NO then how can u say that he is robot n controlled by his mother …
    at least he is undisputed Candidate!! If congress put him upfront, he is not the ones who always “raag” about DEVELOPMENT on the grave of Innocent’s. Now some will tell me supreme court rulling n all!! Just tell if a CM is unable to control the situation in 1 state, unable to take precaution’s to avoid, how can u b so sure to potrait him as PM, SERIOUSLY.

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