A Politician’s Confessions

I don’t write poems. But somehow, my thoughts on politicians suddenly started flowing in this manner. I imagined a politician thinking out loud. 

I know how to cover the stink,

I am almost as mean as you think.

I know where the fire’s beginnings lie,

I know how to make the rumours fly.

Demon of inflation is a friend of mine,

With him I merrily drink and dine.

I regulate the disorder of Law and order,

I can devour onions and gulp fodder.

I’ve mastered the art of passing the buck,

And aim accurately at a sitting duck.

Post- scam clamour is no stress,

I silence it with ‘enquiry in progress’.

You may know me as a rightist or a communist,

But deep within I am only an opportunist.

I have screwed up nation’s economic health,

But look at my soaring personal wealth.

I know that common man is my one day boss,

But time and again he falls for the gloss

It’s easy to woo my one day lord,

Some fake promises and he is floored.

4 responses to “A Politician’s Confessions”

  1. The feeling of helplessness after a certain time frame turns into mockery.. What better way to articulate the bottomless abyss we are falling into… Kudos!!!

    To add on…
    How many words can you steal from the truth,
    before the story becomes a lie..
    If I were to ever stand face to face,
    could you look me in the eye…

    1. Just as it is impossible not to taste the honey or the poison that finds itself at the tip of the tongue, so its impossible for the politicians or government servants not to eat up at least a bit of that ransom. —chanakya wrote that a 1000 year ago.
      HIstory just burps itself when we make mockery of our representatives in 2014,
      who clad in white to white-wash their dark–deeds.
      Again society is created by our wants, government by “our” wickedness. We choose the masters to fight that “wickedness”–the most wicked to fight that “wickedness”. The word “our” matters.

    1. Thanks for your kind words of appreciation. 🙂

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