Fight against rape. Understanding the dynamics of an echo.

What is rape? A crime? An issue? An act of depravity? A media event? A corollary of uncontrolled power? An act to avenge deprivation?

May be it is all of these and more. In fact I would like to see rape both as a crime and as a dangerous social phenomenon plaguing our society. And if we are seriously contemplating to get rid of it, we must first try to understand this highly complex phenomenon. I aim to share my perceptions about this issue to the best of my understanding which is constrained by the fact that I am not a qualified social scientist. At the same time I would invoke my freedom of expression as a conscious individual.

I see this phenomenon as a frame work consisting of four major aspects.

The first is the society, which views rape more as the sin of a female than as the crime of a male. This view is so hard wired that 2-3 decades of modern education have proved grossly insufficient to uproot it. At the root is a covert enslavement of woman. A woman is supposed to be owned, to be fully committed to the “master” to prove that commitment time and again in lieu of getting ‘protected’ from the ‘dangerous’ world.

I consider analysing language as a means to understand the thoughts. So I am deeply suspicious about the use of the expression “outraging the modesty” as another tool of enslavement. Of course it is highly disrespectful for anyone to be even touched without or against his/her wish. But in this expression I sense the “modesty” at stake is more of the owner than of the woman herself. So at subconscious level the expression imbues more threat than empathy or reverence. Because if a physical damage can mean loss of ‘modesty’ than why don’t we use it for someone who lost an eye or a limb?

So this first aspect, namely society, keeps on playing an active role at subconscious level right from the early stages of upbringing in conditioning the female’s view about herself and the world. The same society is instrumental in shaping the male’s worldview. The commonality between the female and male worldviews is that both assign a secondary role to the female. It is possible that women, some centuries back, at some stage of social evolution were probably relegated to being partially and conditionally sovereign as individuals and most of the patriarchal societies have happily persisted with the same ideology.  By partial sovereignty I mean that women could enjoy a lot of freedom in a lot of areas till she conformed to certain conditions laid down by the society.

Let us have an example of how the worldview is manifested even in the investigation of a rape. This example is based on inputs from various sources. Imagine a police person interrogating a female who has undergone this gruesome experience. The typical questions could be:

What were you wearing? What were you doing there? Did you go there alone? Why were you alone there? How much and how did you resist? The questions can be far nastier but I am sure you have got the idea.

All the above questions in a nut shell mean: Are you sure you were not trying to be raped? In fact going by lot of accounts the female in a number of cases failed to convince even the family members that it was a ‘rape’ and that she was not ‘responsible’.

The second aspect is the female. The highly revered pillar of the society. The caring figure that deserves utmost respect epitomised  in remarks like ”Ladies First”. But only till her conditional sovereignty is not breached.

In most of the cases, she is not only constrained by comparatively less physical strength and vulnerable anatomy but also by her sensitive mindset that has been conditioned to “fear for the social repercussions”.  In a raw male perception she is dehumanised commodity, an object of desire, waiting to be owned just like a car. Only this ‘car’ can be at times perceived to be inviting. So high is the degree of commoditised perception that just like a pickpocket cannot resist the sight of a less protected wallet, a sick minded male would feel drawn to her. When a male walks on the road he is unmindful of who is watching him and with what intentions. But in lot of societies a woman may not enjoy this privilege. Like the analogy I used earlier she might be no more than an unprotected wallet to lot of sick minds who would patiently wait to pounce.

So this second aspect the female is living in a society where the odds of her safety are not very high and she is mindful of this.

The third aspect is the Criminal. Yes there cannot be any other word for a person committing a rape. If we really need to curb this crime then it’s necessary to understand this aspect. This criminal should not be generalised. He may be affluent or deprived,  a charmer or unimpressive, usually aggressive or usually submissive, extrovert or introvert, loquacious or taciturn, uncouth or chivalrous or anywhere in between these extremes.  In lot of cases this may be a crime of a moment. This could be a moment of lust, moment of frustration, moment of rage, moment of bad judgement. This is what makes it a crime which is very difficult to guard against as such moments may catch people unawares. And it may also be committed by a habitually perverted person.

But in all the cases one aspect is common. The biggest weapon of the criminal is the fear in the mind of the female. This known fear on one hand weakens the female both mentally and physically and on the other gives the criminal a sense of immunity. This is the biggest similarity. In most of the cases the criminal assumes the crime will never be reported.

Fourth aspect is the law having two forms, prevention and investigation. And here I am not demanding any change in the laws but asking for swift implementation of the existing laws.

The menace of rape is severe in areas with poor state of law and order. This is because it provides immunity to the criminal.  From this angle prevention of rape is another challenge for the law enforcement agencies and a formidable one too, considering the police-population ratio. So police cannot be directly blamed for not being every where all the time.

However, police can be blamed in one way. When police has a reputation of being evasive, sloppy with respect to investigation, it strengthens the criminals. It also weakens the society particularly the female by indirectly discouraging from reporting the crime. . Normally the female is harassed when the criminal is from influential background and he or his family is able to influence the investigation. Female is also harassed with an objective of further exploitation.

So, on the basis of the above explanation, I would like to claim that rape is an event with severe ripples.  It happens once but haunts for long may be forever, especially if it is reported. Because then the society aspect makes it difficult for the female to forget it. In a number of cases she is punished for being raped.

Rape injures but the post rape stigma kills. If rape is a dreadful sound emanating from an instance, the post rape stigma is the deafening and lasting echo that is feared even more than the sound itself.

It is here where things seem to be improving. People have become more considerate and they are trying to create an environment more conducive to healing and recovery. But there is still a long way to go.

On the basis of my understanding of this crime, I would now propose long term solutions.

First, to reduce this crime, we need to weaken the criminal. And the strongest way to do this by killing the stigma attached to rape and the female. This is because the biggest strength for a criminal is immunity against the reporting of his crime. The criminal knows that due to the social stigma of “being raped” the female would not report.

Do we look down upon someone who has been attacked by a robber, beaten brutally and deprived of his belongings? The answer is a clear no. We may use words like careless, unfortunate etc. But in this case the if person happens to be female and robber goes a step ahead and rapes her then will our perception be same as in the previous case?

A part of the solution to the crime of rape is hidden in the answer to the last question. And the answer to this question must be an honest YES.

What I am trying to suggest is the female should feel confident enough to go ahead and report it as a CRIME and not as an act of DESECRATION.

And to fill every mind with this perception, the society aspect has to play a vital role in conditioning the minds in such a way that female is not looked down upon for being raped.

Second, the investigation should focus on swiftly identifying and rounding up the criminal rather than harassing the female or shielding the male.

It is our responsibility to protect the children and the women as they are relatively vulnerable. But I believe we need to empower the women at the society level to really weaken the criminal and bring this the incidence of this ghastly crime.

And apart from reducing this crime we should also aim to reduce and minimise the ripples. Rape can be a life shaking experience like a big accident or the news of a bad disease. And the positive and healing role which the society plays in the latter cases is greatly needed to empower the female.

I hope that my thoughts find resonance and are able to bring people together in the fight against this monster!

6 responses to “Fight against rape. Understanding the dynamics of an echo.”

  1. For a country that has contributed Kamsutra to the world through the great Vatsyayan muni, it is truly baffling to know why are we so sexually repressed and frustrated! The warped traditional and religious projections of a “proper” woman only add to it..
    The promises of virgins in heaven have no apparently real purpose in life.Low self-esteem and the entitlement mind-set among men who are sexually repressed and immature and who live with misogynistic ideas are crucibles of explosive mixtures of beliefs that lead to undesirable behaviors. But, why limit Patriarchy to the mindset of men.. Most often, don’t we find that women are willing subscribers to the patriarchy of society?. Many Indian women not only believe in such ideas, they also have warped the idea of what it means to be feminine—to the point that women are complicit in the impoverished state they hold in society.
    The point worth being DULY noted as you rightly and thankfully put forth is the fact to treat this crime on par with the others.. Treat it with as severity as a murder or an act of terror… And we need to stop telling the girl that her life is over, that her victim hood is her shame. A woman’s modesty does not lie in her genitalia for god’s sake. An attitude of shame only instills guilt and responsibility further into the already struggling victim. The shame and the dishonor, properly, belongs to the rapist—the man who deigned to become animal..
    The basic goals that sex education in India needs to fulfill, is not just to be a class on anatomy of humans reproductive system; while the information is important it doesn’t solve even the most basic of our questions about our sex lives leave alone addressing the issue of rape and other forms of violence against women and sexual minorities..
    Rapes happen because we as a nation are callous.. Because we the flag bearers of culture and tradition do not understand any deterrent except SEVERE punishment..
    I sincerely hope that your ideas find resonance with the readers.. Coz that is the least that needs to be done..

    1. I agree with most of the points you highligthed and would like to add and extend some a bit.
      I guess to start with it would not be inappropraite to use the word, ‘ “onslaught” on one’s dignity’, rather than being specific anatomically .
      What is this “onslaught”?
      1) type of onsalught — of strangers, within family, married couples, men and males . There have been instance of animals being victims .
      2) Why does it happen, a reson/ reasons/ factors –cultural, social(the family as the rudiment and the most important basic unit which shapes an individual), judicial, political , economic, role of technology and socitey’s response to technology. Technology in itself changes the paradigms of the socitey drastically.
      4) How can “ we”—it includes the society as a unit. No agency of the society can do it single handedly…..not even brute force of law. Again we have examples where even brute force of law has failed as a deterrent.
      5) What is the mental state of a person who is party to such a henious crime—pscycological factor/s?
      6) And last but not the least why does rape as a crime stir our soul most? No other crime does so.
      Socially and culturally humans have gone to these stages of evolution:
      –hunters and gatheres
      This “onslaught” falls in the 1st category.
      And not to forget, rape has been used a ‘ weapon’ in wars since ages. The sole motive of this act is not temporary gratification , but degeneration and humiliation of the victim and assertion of power and dominance of the perperator at the highest level.
      If we want our/the society, to get rid of this, we have to take an account of these undercurrents which are intertwwined in some way ot the other.
      This onslaught is associated with a patriarchal attitude—or male cahuvinism. These are pretty misused and mis-understood. Again I stress on the word missued. Id like to mention two terms of sociology , even anthropology uses them frequently.—acculturation and diffusion. Why I use these terms are because Indian socitey and even the Western society , socially or culturally has never been static, it has always underwent changes at all levels . “Patriarchial” is not mindset, it was rather a system which arose to serve some specific need , during a particular time span and where it wokred well . We even had a matriarchial system , example the Nayyars of the malabars, where males had the same position and were sunbjected to similar conditions what the females had in a patriarchial set-up. With the onset of democracy and education being ingrained to the core of the society , we were and are stil at cross-roads and inetrpret/ed it in our own ways.
      Democracy or eductaion rest on a cardinal principle of “humanisim” –man as the centre of the earth. Reason and judgement are its pillars and it challenges blind beliefs .Right to live with dignity article.
      A system which worked well in 16th century does not/ might not work or will not work in 2013. When we mix up stuff induced/voluntrary, we land up confused at cros—roads. The question should be what prevents people to let go their old redundant beliefs, and stick to patriarchy. They no lonegr serve any purpose in 2013. Will you take a bullock—cart to travel from Lucknow to Kanpur or a train or bus. If u do not take a biullock-cart , what makes people live with a bullock-cart attitude or culture without any introspection .This aspect needs more digging.
      We have a dubious distinction of women being worshipped and bieng maltreated simultaneoulsy. This means somewhere we mould things and mis—interpret them. We are not being honest to ourselves at the individual level. Confusion induced /voluntrary, is there. May be its advantageous to serve some immediate/long term purpose. May be its still a misnomer for most of the people around or “set ups”. Again we need to talk about it and put wods into action. Yes male-chauvinism will/should take a back seat. We need not look upon women as deities or assign supernatural elements and elevate them to a higher level, but again they cannot be treated as objects . We need to treat them as equals , and let them be what they are, as simple as that. We should start at the family level , evry other level will fall in line. The day we see a convicts family memebers asking law courts to give death sentence to their kith and kin who comitts such an act ,and this becoming a norm, I guess we will have a new era. Again this has to be a norm not few examples.
      And yes, no doubt women are a soft targets. We have to work our way up this labyrinth—with a holistic approach.

  2. great article sir

  3. Thank sir, please never stop sharing such thoughts…

  4. The Tantrik of Tamasya Avatar
    The Tantrik of Tamasya

    On the flow- Now this is brilliantly expressed. I am awe-inspired by the range of your vocabulary and the selection of words to express exactly what was needed without letting the reader wave away into a tangent.

    On the post – I would say there were times when I felt the attempt was more to be “politically correct” than the actual thoughts. However, I might be wrong there.

    On the issue – Being two different individuals, Difference in opinions will be there. But a commonality of more than 95% of what is written suggests we are like minded on this.

    1. It’s a real honor and privilege to get such an insightful comment. Thank you so much for finding time to read the post and encouraging me with these kind words. You are quite right in your observation of the attempt being “politically correct at times”. I did try to subdue the intensity of some thoughts due to the sensitivity of the issue. I have high respect for your posts so 95% agreement is great for me. 🙂 Hope you visit again. 🙂 Regards, Rupesh

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